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Changing the Local Shopping Experience.

Changing the Local Shopping Experience.

Something new..

As small business owner I know, how much small businesses have a taken a hit that none of us imagined this year. 

Being an entrepreneur means we will be faced with challenges, obstacles, heartaches everyday.. but this year has tested us to our limits. Being an entrepreneur means something. It means being resilient. It means pushing through the cloud of uncertainty and creating clarity. It means taking that leap of faith trusting nothing but our instincts and knowledge. Watching my fellow business owners struggle through these times has definitely been the hardest thing we had to endure. 

That’s why me & Salomi made LocalKart. 

(Who am I kidding, it was her idea, I'm just the tech guy!) 

To help local businesses through and through. And we mean LOCAL. Not chains, not big box, not franchise. 

Through LocalKart we are going to connect local shoppers with their local businesses from the comfort of their homes and have their local products delivered the SAME DAY! This is groceries, fashion, clothes, supplies, electronics and a lot lot more. 

How are we going to it? Simple. We will be bringing in the inventory of a business inside our system and have it open to all the local shoppers, who can at the click of button add everything they need to their kart and checkout. Business owners will have an option to either provide curb-side pickup or deliver it themselves or can have our delivery team take care of it. Our team is ready to help you with the onboarding so this process is as seamless and easy for you. (You bet I roped in Team Trident for this! There is like 8 people working behind the scenes!) 

Shopping local has never been easier. 

We are not just here to help the local businesses now, but we are here to be their online partner and help them grow and thrive locally & beyond. 

If you are or you know of a local business send them to sign-up to the Vendor signup link below and our team will be in touch to get you onboard.If you have further questions, give our toll free a call 1-844-LOC-KART (562-5278)

We hope you will join us on this journey and prove #ShopLocal isn’t just a cool hashtag, but a lifestyle.

Launching December 12th 2020.

Vendor Sign Up Link -


(Proudly Made in Brandon, MB 🌾)