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Merchant FAQs

General Information

What is LocalKart?

LocalKart is a technology company that connects Local businesses within a 10km radius with local customers in their area. By facilitating delivery and pickup orders, LocalKart helps Local and small businesses grow their sales, reach new customers, and increase brand awareness online.

How can LocalKart help grow my business?

LocalKart helps local and small businesses grow their sales, reach new customers, and increase brand awareness online. By listing your business on LocalKart Marketplace, you can offer delivery without having to coordinate your own drivers and pickup without having to invest in building your own app or infrastructure. LocalKart also allows merchants to opt in to marketing promotions, such as Curated LocalBiz, $0 Delivery, and more to help your business reach new customers and encourage lapsed customers to order again. LocalKart team also provides a professional photo team to take photos of your products so its attractive for your customers to explore and buy often.

Is LocalKart available in my area?

The easiest way to check if LocalKart is available in your area is to begin the self-signup process. You will be instantly notified whether your region is serviced by LocalKart. If we do service your area, continue through the self-signup. If we do not service your area, we will notify you when that changes.

Why does LocalKart exist?

2020 has been a long and tumltuous year!Small businesses have a taken a hit that none of us imagined.But we are not going to fold and give up.We are a lot more resilient than that!

That’s why we made LocalKart.

To help local businesses like yourself through and through. And we mean LOCAL. Not chains, not big box, not franchise.Through LocalKart we are going to connect local shoppers with their local businesses from the comfort of their homes and have your products delivered the SAME DAY! This is groceries, fashion, clothes, supplies, electronics, food and a lot lot more.

How is LocalKart Unique?

LocalKart exists to support small businesses and promote shopping local. We truly value our local partners, which is why we offer extensive support as well as resources to drive your growth, such a product photoshoot and a variety of marketing promotions to get you in front of more customers.

Plus, LocalKart Marketplace, you can offer pickup or delivery through the app. You can access the LocalKart logistics technology and a wide network of dependable drivers for delivering your products.

Where can I go If I have more questions?

If you'd like to speak to a merchant sales representative, you can also call us Monday-Friday at (844)LOC-KART (562-5278).


Delivery Questions

Why should I offer delivery?

The model of delivery has been growing in popularity in recent years, along side delivering food and everything else, the delivery trend is only accelerating. A recent report predicted that by 2021, nearly 50 million people will use a delivery app. Through LocalKart we are going to help your business reach a wide range of audience. From millennials to baby boomers, and can open doors to new business like never before.

What if I don't want to use LocalKart Drivers?

If you already have a delivery staff, our web portal allows you to full-fill deliveries in-house. That means you can enjoy the marketing benefits of the LocalKart marketplace without changing your operations. You'll drive incremental revenue and increase your brand awareness online, while fully controlling your delivery experience. Sign up here.

What is the delivery radius for LocalKart?

The default delivery radius is ~10km. However, businesses can opt in to expand their delivery radius by opting in to a higher commission structure and switching to distance-based pricing.

How do I know the delivery experience will be positive for my customers?

We work hard to provide the best experience for our community of drivers, customers and businesses. All Drivers are 18 years or older and undergo a background check. We also provide details on how Drivers can navigate the app to complete deliveries, and we share tips from high-performing drivers when they sign up. As a merchant, you can rate your Driver and your overall delivery experience in the LocalKart Merchant Portal. With this input from businesses, we can help ensure the best experience for our local partners and consumers.


How do I change my product info and/or prices?

We understand that product offerings might change quiet often and if your product changes, you can easily use your Merchant Portal, adding new items, modifiers, and options, editing categories, prices, and names, temporarily deactivating items, removing items permanently, or updating modifier settings.

If you have trouble updating your products, you can submit a Product Update Request on the Help tab in the Merchant Portal. Our team will complete updates within 72 hours.

Can I set specific delivery hours for specific days? 

Yes, you can set specific store hours to accept LocalKart orders in the Merchant Portal. Easily assign daily store hours you will be accepting at that time. You can also set special hours for closures, special events, or holidays, and pause receiving orders within the Business Hours section of the Merchant Portal.